Over 30 years of combined experience & expertise

Personal Care

We Care provide all sorts of personal care including, shower, strip wash, applying creams and lotion, dressing and toileting needs, oral care, changing and maintaining storma or cathter bag. 
We also cater clients with their meal preparation and hydration needs keeping in mind their choices. 

Social Services

This includes shopping, taking clients for walks or helping them to meet their loved ones. 

We believe that age isn’t a barrier to adventure. We’ve also had a huge amount of success in helping older people start something new. Many of our clients have taken up new hobbies such as learning to dance, play instruments, knit and cook specialist dishes. 

Palliative Care

We support people to imporve quality of life with terminal illness or life-threatning health condition for example cancer.

It includes physical, emotional and spiritual care.

The key to our end of life care is making sure your loved one is comfortable and living life as they choose during the final months or days of their life.

That is why our care team are expertly trained to support clients and their families through our bespoke City & Guilds accredited end of life training programme, to ensure your loved one can spend the end of their life, their way.

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

We assist clients with disabilities or restriced mobility. Staff are highly trained on how to use devices such as track hoist, coughesus machine, wheelchair.

Learning Difficulties

Clients suffering from Dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinsons or any other learning difficultis are dealt with care and dignity at We Care